Project aims

Our cultural environment is changing quickly and becoming more diversified. More and more individuals are living in a “multicultural” normality and have to manage their own multiple cultural affiliations. The objective of intercultural dialogue is to learn to live together peacefully and constructively in a multicultural world and to develop a sense of community and belonging. Intercultural dialogue is a necessity for our times.

The main project objective is to contribute to intercultural dialogue through actively pursuing integration and brining people together.

To do  this, we will engage adult learners from minority groups and help them to improve their presentation skills so that they can share their cultural backgrounds with the local community and become Community Ambassadors. 

The main steps of CATLID project:

  • Develop a training course to provide migrants with the skills to become Community Educators and share their cultural background
  • Pilot the training course with participants and run a series of Inter-cultural Dialogue workshops for them to engage and share with businesses, public sector, NGOs
  • In addition run Inter-Cultural Dialogue workshops (Knowledge Parties) for migrants to share with individuals facing loneliness and to facilitate on-going engagement
  • Produce a series of audio – video good practice case studies to promote the project methodology
  • Produce and publish a Handbook on Techniques to Creatively Tackle Loneliness through Intercultural Dialogue, which can be used as a resource to develop new ideas and approaches to creative engagement