Digital Training Courses

Welcome to an innovative digital training introducing different cultures and backgrounds. 

DICA framework consists of 6 digital training courses prepared by the project partners. In each you will find 8 stories about our experts and insight into their cultures, including:

  • animated video
  • podcast
  • PDF document

At the end of each training course you can take an assessment and receive a certificate.

The course is accessible on the LMS platform –
Once logged in, scroll down and click on  WORLD CULTURES

Training Courses

Training Course 1 – France (season 2)

Experts: Cheng-Shin from Taiwan, Hikimat from Lebanon, Ivan from Italy, Laura from Mexico, Marwa from Morocco, Mayra from Colombia, Rosmit from Venezuela, Veronica from Mexico

Training Course 2 – United Kingdom

Experts: Daria from Ukraine, Gemma from Italy, Kateryna from Ukraine, Munir from Afghanistan, Musarat from Pakistan, Rushna from Bangladesh, simin from Afghanistan, Tianzi from China

Training Course 3 – Austria

Experts: Aria from Iran, Franziska from Germany, Gözde from Turkey, Judith from Austria, Laura from Mexico, Sepehr from Iran, Xi from China, Tania from Hongkong

Training Course 4 – Spain

Experts: Ahlam from Morocco, Argelis from Venezuela, Basiru from Gambia, Hamza from Moroco, Irina from Ukraine, Jaslly from Colombia, Sergio from Senegal, Valeriia from Ukraine

Training Course 5 – Sweden

Experts: Fredrik from South Korea, Noon fromThailand, Petro from Ukraine, Rebecca from Bangladesh, Sara from USA, Sofia from Finland, Stam from Thailand, Victoria from Ukraine

Training Course 6 – Poland

Experts: Alex from France, Andrea from Mexico, Brett from Australia, Ehssan from Syria, Gabriela from Romania, Julia from Ukraine, Stephane from France, Swietłana from Ukraine