About DICA

Digital Cultural Ambassador

The project idea has been generated through the previous experience of the partners collaborating together in the project Cultural Ambassador Target Loneliness through Intercultural Dialogue (CATLID) . This project has been implemented during the
COVID-19 crisis as we realized how beneficial it would be for our target group to also develop skills about digital tools.

The overall project objective is to create a new innovative, creative and digital approach to enable project target group (people from diverse cultural backgrounds) to become Digital Cultural Ambassadors and Community Educators and use their acquired knowledge to positively contribute to intercultural dialogue in society, with specific focus on using digital
platforms to raise awareness of Equality and Diversity and the same awareness raising among the local population, particularly those individuals who face loneliness in their daily life.

Through close collaboration the six partners with a track record of transnational experience will enact the following steps:

  • Design the Training Course
  • Recruit in the partner countries eight participants from a range of at least four cultural
    backgrounds to pilot the designed training course
  • through training and partner support the participants progress to become Digital Community Ambassadors. Participants from each cultural group will have to produce during the pilot training a one-page script introducing their culture. From those scripts, we will produce video content in six languages. They will be disseminating through a dedicated platform and those materials could be used by our target group in theirdigital Community Ambassador activities.
  • Digital Community Ambassadors are engaged in a range of digital settings to share their culture and raise awareness among their audience, which are drawn from the business community, Public sector, NGOs and individuals who are facing loneliness.
    With the latter group partners will facilitate on-going buddying formutual benefit of project training course participants and individuals facing loneliness.
  • Develop a Portfolio of Audio and Video examples of Good Practice on the themes of the project which draws upon the project journey
  • Organize national and international digital knowledge parties hosted by the learner participants and attended stakeholders.